Artificial Turf Sports Field Solutions

Game On! Play in Any Weather with Artificial Turf Sports Fields

Synthetic Lawns of Sedona specializes in artificial turf sports field solutions and installations. Incorporating synthetic grass into your indoor sports facility or athletic field design is a cost-effective, hassle-free, environmentally friendly alternative to grass seed or sod. Our wide range of Dura-Field® turf styles all look remarkably natural, and perform better than the real thing. They require no trimming or upkeep and are extremely durable, assuring you of a good return on your investment.

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Our wide range of Dura-Field® turf styles all look remarkably natural, and perform better than the real thing. Lower your maintenance costs while being environmentally safe. View Photo Gallery

Advantages of Artificial Turf Sports Fields

  • All weather resistant
  • Safer than natural grass for athletes
  • Consistent and natural results
  • Reduce enormous maintenance costs
  • Easy to clean and always looks fresh cut
  • Environmentally friendly

Safe for Athletes

Field conditions can make or break an athletic competition. Level the playing field by creating a surface that’s consistent no matter what the weather is like. No more mud, no more rushing to cover the field in a downpour, no more called games for fear of tearing up a wet field—with artificial turf the game can go on. Today’s Dura-Field® synthetic grass is engineered for performance, and its consistency is perfect for indoor training facilities and competition fields alike. It reacts naturally during an athletic competition, and can be even safer than live grass that constantly wears away, exposing hard patches of earth or slippery mud holes. Depending on the installation, synthetic turf can also be easier on an athlete’s joints, and it’s perfect for conditioning rooms or circuit training areas.

Increase Revenues

The installation of artificial turf surfaces can allow your facility the freedom to become a multi-purpose venue, increasing revenue throughout the year. Host a new sporting event every season on your all-weather fields, or turn your facility into a meeting or event space in the off-season without worrying that the foot traffic of trade shows or concerts will ruin your natural grass.

Environmentally Friendly

Artificial turf surfaces aren’t just for professional stadiums and elite golf courses. They’re clean and safe for children and animals, and require no harsh chemicals or pesticides for their upkeep, making them a great, environmentally friendly alternative landscaping option for playgrounds and public pools. School athletic facilities and other public sports complexes should consider synthetic grass, too. Conserve scarce public funds by eliminating your lawn maintenance contract and high water bill. With extremely minimal maintenance, an artificial field lasts for years, eventually paying for itself in cost savings.

Whether you want to improve the look of your facility, cut down on maintenance costs, or simply create a surface on which athletes can perform their best, consider one of our Dura-Field® artificial turf athletic solutions.